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Having snow on your roof is a good sign...to an extent. It shows that you have adequate insulation in your attic, but too much can also cause ice dams when you have the natural thaw and refreeze going on during those crazy pre-Spring months. A good prevention is to purchase a roof rake at your local hardware store and keep the bottom 3 feet of your roof clear of snow. If the forecast brings inches and inches of snow, and you find your roof completely covered, it would be wise to have the entire roof shoveled off to remove all of the snow. Snow is heavy. Some roof structures aren't designed to support that additional weight. Plus, if your vents are covered with snow, they cannot do what they are supposed to do, which is allow your attic to breathe. When the [normal amount of] heat tries to escape through the blocked vents, it melts the snow causing condensation which can build up and then refreeze turning into an ice dam. More heat escapes, melting more snow, creating more water that has nowhere to go but up and under your shingles and back into your home.

You should inspect the exterior of your home semi-annually and after any major storm for signs of wear and tear or damage. Any cracks or defects should be fixed immediately before they turn into something major. You can save yourself thousands of dollars on a costly repair by taking the time to correct minor issues as soon as they are discovered.


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