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Many people assume that when they have a new roof or siding put on their home that they shouldn't have to worry about maintenance for 20 years or more. This is not the case. It's just like purchasing a brand new vehicle--just because it's new doesn't mean you don't have to change the oil and have it inspected and tuned up every once in a while.

With blowing leaves during the Fall months, gutters often get clogged and cannot function properly. These should be inspected at least once a year and any debris removed.

If you're noticing those beautiful icicles forming at the edge of your roof in the winter, you've got some serious issues to consider. Heat rises and escapes through your roof vents. However, those icicles may be a sign that you are losing too much heat through your roof deck. Your insulation may not be sufficient, or it has settled too much and is not effective. You'll not only spend more money on heating costs because as heat rises, it goes through your attic and outside, but you are also at risk for ice dams as the snow builds up on your roof. When the snow hits your roof, it melts because of the heat loss you are experiencing, and refreezes due to the outdoor temperature. Then add a blanket of snow and the ice dam beneath is preventing the melting snow from running down to the ground. The water has nowhere to go but up and under your shingles. Consider having your insulation inspected if you notice icicles forming and snow melting on your roof when the temperatures are below freezing.


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